Dedicated Internet Access (VLL)

Earthwave Service's Virtual Leased Line (VLL) Dedicated Internet Access is a faster, more reliable alternative to traditional Internet access with download speeds of up to 100/mbps over copper. With our VLL technology, we can easily bypass many of the speed and distance-based limitations that our clients typically encounter with traditional ISPs. Contact us today to find out more about our VLL offering. Unlike broadband cable, your Dedicated Internet line is not slowed down by other subscribers that may be using the same connection as you.

Earthwave Services offers many solutions to fulfill your dedicated internet needs. Our approach is that many businesses have unique needs and applications. We can recommend and design a custom service (download & upload) without the custom service price! When comparing our services with traditional services you will find that we are up to 50% (and sometimes even more) less expensive than the alternatives (Fiber & T1's).

Standard service offerings are noted below as examples. We can offer anything in-between these as well.

Please contact us so we can discuss your applications and our solutions.

Asymmetrical Services: (VLL)

Download Upload Redundant/Fault Tolerant Proactive Monitoring IPv4/IPv6
100Mbit 8Mbit Yes Yes Yes
50Mbit 4Mbit Yes Yes Yes
40Mbit 6MBit Yes Yes Yes
40Mbit 3Mbit Yes Yes Yes
25Mbit 2Mbit Yes Yes Yes
20Mbit 3Mbit Yes Yes Yes
15Mbit 2.3Mbit Yes Yes Yes
10Mbit 1.5Mbit Yes Yes Yes
6Mbit 1.5Mbit Yes Yes Yes
3Mbit 1.5Mbit Yes Yes Yes

Symmetrical Services: (VLL)

Download Upload Redundant/Fault Tolerant Proactive Monitoring IPv4/IPv6
45Mbit 45Mbit Yes Yes Yes
40Mbit 40Mbit Yes Yes Yes
35Mbit 35Mbit Yes Yes Yes
30Mbit 30Mbit Yes Yes Yes
25Mbit 25Mbit Yes Yes Yes
20Mbit 20Mbit Yes Yes Yes
15Mbit 15Mbit Yes Yes Yes
12Mbit 12MBit Yes Yes Yes
10Mbit 10Mbit Yes Yes Yes
8Mbit 8Mbit Yes Yes Yes
5Mbit 5Mbit Yes Yes Yes
3Mbit 3Mbit Yes Yes Yes
2Mbit 2Mbit Yes Yes Yes

Please contact us for pricing on any of the services above as they are all based on central office availability and loop length.

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Key Features:

  • Product offerings from
    1 to 100Mbit/s over copper.
  • Native IPv4/IPv6 IP's for all connections.
  • Provisioning times of only 3-6 weeks vs. months of competing products.
  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Support.
  • Earthwave Services managed demarcation point and simple ethernet handoff.